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Improving verbal skills is work worth doing.
For PSAT, SAT, and ACT, GPA, college and career success

Dedicated students earn National Merit recognition and scholarships.
Most students improve skills. Dedicated students distinguish themselves.

GFAA guarantees:
•   Precise skill analysis and follow-up
•   Proved, customized, engaging methods
•   Organized, personable, professional coaching

Format Choices  Group (2-6) • private • face-to-face • phone • email • Skype
Your class Athletes for Academics had a huge impact…The guys appreciated the attention you put into your work with them–which yielded obvious dividends.
—Parent Miramonte HS

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the SAT class which improved not only my SAT score but my knowledge of the English language. I will miss this class a lot. I learned many things that I probably would not have learned elsewhere.
—Student Monte Vista HS, Stanford University

Learning with Nan Andrews gives ‘fun education’ an entirely new and refreshing definition…
—Student Monte Vista HS, University of Pennsylvania

I am so happy that I took your class not only because it prepared me well for the SAT, but also because I feel that I learned a great deal and had a fun time. My scores: 680, 800, 760, essay 10=2240.
—Student McClatchy HS, UCLA

Thank you again for all your help on the standardized testing preparation and [college] essay review…It did the trick!
—Student Miramonte HS, Stanford University

I raised my SAT score to 2320! I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have done for me…Helping me with my writing has not only improved my SAT score but also raised my grade in my English class. Student Acalanes HS

V’s SAT score was 2390. Magic for him. Without you it wouldn’t have happened. Real wonderful program. A lot of benefit. Really appreciate your help.
—Parent Dougherty Valley HS

On the SAT I improved so much! My reading and writing were both 770 and my math stayed at 660, as usual, so the overall score was 2200. Thank you so much for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you! —Student Acalanes HS, UCLA

Thank you for being such an extraordinary teacher. I truly appreciate all of the effort you put int the class. Thank you for all of the sapid snacks!
—Student McClatchy HS

Thanks to you for K’s honors. You played a pivotal role. Best thing she ever did. Never will forget her experience with you. It’s what you put into it. Parent McClatchy HS

I really appreciate your support and positive and thoughtful approach. I am very grateful for your tutoring help this summer and so pleased with B’s SAT test result.
—Student Acalanes HS, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

I love the fact that he likes you.
—Parent Miramonte HS

Your SAT class greatly improved my vocabulary and writing. Class was both interesting and productive.
— Student The College Preparatory School