English instruction reinforces and enriches school curriculum:
•   School reading and writing homework help
•   Grammar, conventions, and essay practice
•   Writing style and vocabulary acceleration
•   PSAT/SAT/ACT skill evaluation and improvement


I love to read, write, and study English! Can we stay longer?
— Student Stanley Intermediate School

With Nan’s expertise, all three of my children continued to write well in college and now in their careers where good writing is an asset.
— Parent of former Campolindo students

Nan Andrews’ lessons make writing in college a whole lot easier.
— Student Miramonte HS, UC Davis

I feel I have really improved in English with your guidance…You’ve done so much to help me, whether for the Congressional Award, an English essay, or college supplements. Thank you!
—Student The College Preparatory School

My son learned so much from you that he is tutoring his college friends in essay writing.
— Parent Miramonte HS,  Connecticut College

We can’t thank you enough. She’s come a long way in writing and confidence.
— Parent Miramonte HS

You were a savior for our grandson, who now has a PHD in computer science and works at Google.
—Grandparent of former Campolindo HS student